HUMC Members Volunteer at the Huntley Project Museum!


Thank you very much to everyone who helped out at the HP Museum on June 29th! 

The Museum Staff members were very grateful for all the work and energy displayed by our Volunteers. 

Completed major projects included:

*cleaning and rearrangement of all display cases and museum displays,

*cleaning and sweeping of all display buildings on the museum grounds,

*digging and prepping a brick walkway at the Homesteader Memorial, and arranging the first bricks, 

*scraping, taping, priming and painting of the Dashinger Building, one of the largest display buildings, plus

*preparing the display area for an antique V-Ditcher, located at the east end of the display buildings.


Here are a few candid shots of the hard-working HUMC Volunteers! 


Gloria and MikeBoots


Gary and Stan



Corey at Memorial




Marilyn and Memorial garden

Gretchen trimming trees